Google’s making it even easier to attach Drive document in Gmail: on the right-hand pull-down menu in the Android app, there’s now an "Insert from Drive" option. Neat. Read more… Source: The Leftovers   Laura Prepon   Advertisements

Today’s a great day for fans of olloclip. Head into the Apple App Store and you’ll an updated olloclip app at version 2.2. It’s a substantial update that brings iPad support and plenty more! Read on for the full changelog below! Version 2.2. of olloclip is what you’ll find waiting for you today. Here’s what […]

If you use iCloud for your contacts its because you want them every where and don’t want to have to worry about losing them. Not ever. Unfortunately we’ve had some readers report that, after performing a software update on their iPhone or iPad, their iCloud contacts went missing is action. Luckily there’s no reason to […]

Developed and built by Nuytco Research, this exosuit is made from hard metal and allows divers to operate safely down to a depth of 1000 feet. The suit has four 1.6 horsepower propulsion thrusters, fiber optic gigabit ethernet, and a host of… Source: Articles: The Blacklist   gambit   mexico earthquake   World Vision […]

New York-based Artist James Haggerty creates crazy mosaics out of staples. Thousands and thousands of staples. The amount of detail in his series of Star Wars characters is insane! The Darth Vader piece alone was made with 10,496 multi-colored staples. Read more… Source: Josh Gordon   Yung Joc   I Heart Radio   Angela […]

It’s not often that HBO CEO Richard Plepler is out doing some public speaking about his company. Today, however, Plepler took the stage at The Atlantic’s New York Ideas event in The Big Apple, where he was interviewed by NBC’s Willie Geist to talk… Source: Topics: Problem Ariana Grande   jenny mccarthy   Mimi […]

Yesterday, a verdict came down in the long, long line of Apple vs. Samsung patent disputes. But before you go thinking this is some huge deal, it’s important to note that nothing’s really solved and nothing will change. And that’s fitting, since this is just a giant fanboy fight. Read more… Source: may day […]